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Top Digital Billboards Ad Examples

We aim to inspire and inform readers about the possibilities and benefits of digital billboards as a creative and effective medium for advertising.

Read some examples of top digital billboard ads around the world from various brands and industries. The page features digital billboard advertisement examples from popular brands like Nike, Kérastase, Samsung, to Apple, among others.

What is a Digital Billboard?

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A digital billboard is a form of outdoor (OOH) advertising that uses computer-controlled displays (mostly LED display technology, but not all) to show images, videos and other formats of advertisements.


Digital billboards can update content in real-time, unlike traditional or static billboards which have to be changed physically. This means that if a brand’s strategy or promotions change, they can instantly switch their ad creative with a new design or time-sensitive message. These messages can be controlled in terms of duration and frequency.


From, a vendor perspective, they can showcase multiple brands on a single digital billboard, helping them engage multiple companies at any given time.


Digital billboards are usually located in high-traffic areas and can be used for various purposes, such as promoting products, services, events, or social causes.