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Free Email Templates

We are creating the biggest and most extensive list of Free Email templates to help users create their next email campaign from across industries.


If you’ve ever created an email campaign, the one big problem marketers and brands face is having references readily available for use. We start searching our emails, google or those screenshots folder to find ideas to start designing the email template. 


Sometimes we find a good idea sometimes we don’t. 


At times, you can’t just seem to find those good ideas that you once saw in one of the emails you read, right?  


At least we face this issue, so we decided to create a dedicated space that will act as a reference to design our next email marketing campaign and in the process maybe help a few users out there. Nothing big, just a simple solution.


We’re not even sure it’ll help you, but we just decided to do it as we had some time on our hands. This is the story about how this Email Templates archive idea came to a realisation. 

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