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British Airways “Look Up” Digital Billboard in Piccadilly Circus

british airways lookup digital billboard

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, Piccadilly Circus, London



  • Campaign: British Airways “Look Up”
  • Location: Piccadilly Circus, London
  • Goal: Increase awareness of British Airways’ booking tool
  • Agency: Ogilvy Group UK
  • Technology: Interactive digital billboards

Interactive Magic in the London Sky

British Airways set their sights on capturing the imagination of Londoners with their innovative ‘Look Up’ campaign. This clever initiative utilized interactive digital billboards in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, a bustling hub teeming with potential travelers.

Look Up – British Airways’ Clever Billboards Show You Where Your Next Flight Could Be

The “Look Up” campaign featured seemingly ordinary digital billboards showcasing a young boy gazing skyward.

But the magic unfolded when a real British Airways plane flew overhead.

The billboard would spring to life, the boy’s animation transforming into him excitedly pointing at the plane.

This wasn’t just any animation; the technology behind the scenes used real-time flight tracking to identify British Airways flights. This allowed the billboard to display the flight number and its destination.

This interactive element was what truly set the campaign apart.

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