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Together This Ramadan: Tesco’s Digital Billboard Lights Up Iftar

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  • Campaign: Tesco Together This Ramadan
  • Location: Targeted Muslim communities in the United Kingdom
  • Aim: Celebrate Ramadan and foster a sense of community with Muslim customers
  • Key takeaway: Tesco’s award-winning campaign was praised for its inclusive message and respectful portrayal of Ramadan traditions.

Tesco’s “Together This Ramadan” campaign was aimed to create a multi-layered experience that resonated with Muslim communities in the UK.

A deeper dive into its key elements

The Interactive Billboard

The centerpiece of the campaign was a unique digital billboard.

A huge digital billboard with an empty table setting with plates displayed throughout the day. As the sun set, signifying Iftar, the plates began to fill with delicious food.

The digital billboard displaying meals appearing and disappearing in line with fasting times highlighted the importance of Iftar but also became a talking point, generating interest about Ramadan traditions.

tesco ramadan ad day view of billboard
Tesco’s ‘Together This Ramadan’ Digital Billboard with empty plates at day time
tesco ramadan ad night view of billboard
Tesco’s ‘Together This Ramadan’ Digital Billboard with plates getting filled with food as the sun sets.

The Heartfelt Message

The campaign’s core message, “Together This Ramadan,” went beyond simply promoting products. It focused on the importance of community and togetherness during this holy month.

This resonated with Muslims who often prioritize family gatherings and shared meals during Ramadan.

Authentic Representation

According to research, 67% of British Muslims feel misrepresented and portrayed in a negative light in the media.

Tesco, as the nation’s biggest supermarket, is all about serving the nation’s communities a little better every day.

They partnered with a strategic diversity and inclusion consultancy, The Unmistakables, to acknowledge and celebrate Ramadan in a way that felt authentic and respectful to British Muslims.


By incorporating these insights, Tesco’s “Together This Ramadan” campaign went beyond just selling groceries. It was a thoughtful and respectful effort that celebrated Ramadan, fostered a sense of community, and resonated with Muslim audiences in the UK.

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