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Hi, I’m Hridja, a Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Command Your Brands Digital Journey

Get a grip on your Online Marketing efforts. Don’t keep wasting your money on outdated practices. 


A Single Solution to Streamline Your Online Presence

In their haste to be ‘First’, Businesses tend to choose the wrong path towards Digital Marketing.

I help businesses craft the RIGHT STRATEGY & VALUE PROPOSITION to attract the Right Customers. 

I also help Real Estate Businesses 

  • Generate LEADS
  • Grow REVENUE

all while ⬇ decreasing Acquisition Costs of your business

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business challenges

I've faced many challenges working for Real Estate clients.
Better Yet I've Solved Them.

My website doesn't feel professional enough

Offline campaigns are too expensive and restrictive

I know I need to do more online, but I need guidance

Why are the cost of my leads going so high

My competitors post negative reviews about my brand, what do I do

I want more leads but it has to be at the lowest possible cost

None of the content we've published is ranking while my competitor does

I need a marketing partner who is an extension of my inhouse team

You might ask how?

Freelance Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Specialist is not a word I like to flaunt so lightly but after working so long in this industry I can assure my customers that their business objectives would be met

My Expertise in Real Estate Lead Generation, Branding Awareness & Online Promotion has allowed me to help Real Estate Developers & Channel Partners in India (80% in Delhi NCR), achieve their Business Goals.

Don’t believe me? I guess why would you trust me without any proof

Let me show you just one campaign I’ve been managing for a Real Estate broker in Delhi NCR

screenshot of adwords campaign dashboard
Snapshot of Google Ads dashboard for a customer I helped generate leads

Why would a customer let me spend over INR 1.1 Crore?

It’s because he got atleast 20-30 times the return he invested with the campaigns I created, managed and optimized for the client.

I have been privileged to work with some amazing Real Estate clients

Created & Managed Campaigns while generating thousands of Leads for them but…

It’s not just Advertising that I help my client with

I can and have been able to generate $1000-$5000 worth projects monthly for my IT Industry based client as well…


want to know how? And No, it’s not through SEO…

I can help you as well mobilize digital transformation, shape winning strategies and drive success for your business. 

Get on a call with me and I’ll let you know the SECRETS

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Online Campaign

and this is just the records I remember and/or verify. The actual numbers may be higher

Some recent Client Projects I've been working on or have worked in the past

I have been able to build a Niche for myself and in that, about 80% of my Client projects are from Real Estate Industry

Although I’m are rapidly expanding to other industries as well. But if you were to ask me, today, what is that one thing you are an ‘Expert’ at, I would have to say ‘Real Estate Digital Marketing‘.

I’ve been doing it for so long that I just got really good at it.

I offer these businesses services ranging from Leads Generation to SEO Services.

Some of my recent ongoing Marketing projects are mentioned below

Who we are?

I am Freelance Digital Marketer who has over the years helped brands grow digitally in sales and brand recognition.

Why us?

If you’re a just starting up or a growing business and have cost constraints I charge some of the most affordable digital marketing services.

How it starts?

It all starts with a cup of coffee.  Then you tell me your business goals and objectives. Based on that I offer you solution, if you like my solution you can hire me.


Marketing Solutions.
That Finally Work.

I offer some of the most  affordable prices for my Digital Marketing Services. I rather encourage my clients to invest the savings on Automation than on agencies.

Depending on your business goals, I will determine the most effective way to allocate your budget and achieve it.

Content is the core of any digital experience

✔️ Content Ideation

✔️ Management & Scheduling

✔️ Content Distribution


✔️ Content Creation


Lead Generation

✔️ Real Leads

✔️ Display & remarketing

✔️ Search Advertising(PPC)

✔️ Maximum Brand reach

✔️ Sustainable Growth

✔️ Performance Marketing

✔️ Reach Your Target Audience

✔️ Get Site visits & Bookings


Search Engine Marketing(SEO)

✔️ Rank Better

✔️ Increase Online Sales

✔️ Competitor Analysis

✔️ Build Stronger presence

✔️ Get More Organic Traffic

✔️ Grow Manifold


Social Media Marketing

✔️ Grow Brand Awareness

✔️ Increase Engagement

✔️ Walkthroughs Videos

✔️ Expand Your Audience

✔️ Reach Your Business Goals

✔️ Improve ROI

✔️ Target Captive Audience



Email & Database Marketing

✔️ Data scraping

✔️ build your list

✔️ list segmentation

✔️ email automation

✔️ grow your email list

✔️ personalisation

✔️ a/b testing

✔️ Conversion Driven Content

Want to increase Brand Awareness or drive Quality Leads to your business?

My Advertising expertise is here to help you achieve your marketing goals

An SME is like a car, it needs fuel (aka revenue) to run in today’s competitive digital landscape

…injecting the car(i.e. business) with ADVERTISING gives it the mileage it needs to go places

I can do it even without spending a PENNY on Ads as well

Although if you want instant results, I would recommend Online Advertising

Clients don’t give individuals a huge budget to spend without getting any RETURNS…

…and I showed you above how much budget my client gave me to ADVERTISE his products in just a single month


Your Lead

My Analytics & Campaign Optimization can help you drastically bring down the cost of lead acquisition



With the help of cost effective integrations on and off website to help brands increase conversation with customers


Generate Higher

Increase in lead flow and customer interactions will result in acquiring Higher Revenue for Businesses

Engage with your Audience with Next-gen Content

In today’s digital world where individuals are overloaded with information on Social Media channels, how does your Business make customers read your content?

That too without spending huge sums on marketing?

The answer lies partly in Video Marketing

But… but… it’s too darn expensive to make videos… that’s what my clients keep saying to me

What if… I told you there are inexpensive ways to churn quality Marketing Videos
…that your audience will appreciate and engage with

There are billions of blog sites out there, give your audience a reason to read yours

A Strategic Investment that pays off

I really like their work, I guess now they have got a new lifetime customer. From now on, every project that I market will only be via this talented team​
Shakher Saini, Head of Marketing

Understand the concept of cost per lead in Google Ads

Let's have a conversation today!

We take the job of GENERATING REVENUE for our clients very seriously.