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Samsung engages JCDecaux for Galaxy Z Flip 4’s creative OOH Ad Campaign

samsung z flip 4 outdoor ad

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, Saõ Paulo


JCDecaux Brasil goes the extra mile to showcase Samsung Electronics Galaxy Z Flip4 5G in the streets of Saõ Paulo. Samsung, in partnership with Vivo, took the new Galaxy Z Flip4 5G to the streets of São Paulo, combining creativity with OOH technology in a special project for the brand’s mega launch.

Flip the Script: Samsung Reimagines OOH in Rio & São Paulo

In Rio and São Paulo, Samsung isn’t just selling phones, they’re flipping the script on Out-of-Home advertising. ‘Flipping’, you get what I just did there? Flipping the Z Flip!

Forget static billboards! Get ready for interactive masterpieces that redefine how we experience brands in public spaces. Here’s how Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 campaign is taking OOH to a whole new level:

Rio’s “Life Seen from the Best Angle” campaign transforms a busy street corner into a dynamic digital flipping billboard. Passersby witness giant-sized Galaxy Z Flips showcasing the reliability of the hinge of the flip phone. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

São Paulo’s clock towers get a tech makeover. Witnessing these massive billboards physically folding and unfolding, just like the Galaxy Z Flip4 itself, is sure to stop anyone in their tracks. It’s a stunning visual metaphor for the phone’s innovative design, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond words.

This isn’t just advertising, it’s an immersive experience. Samsung isn’t just selling a phone, they’re inviting you to join the party, be part of the story, and see the world through a fresh, folded lens. It’s a bold statement about the power of technology to connect, engage, and create unforgettable moments.

Be inspired to think outside the box, flip the script, and redefine your own approach to marketing. Let the Galaxy Z Flip4 OOH campaign be a testament to the limitless possibilities of creative advertising in the digital age.

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