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Bata Unveils Indian Footwear Industry’s First 3D Billboard

bata 3d billboard

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, Garuda Mall, Bangalore

Bata, in a recent campaign, launched a 3D OOH billboard in Bengaluru. The campaign is part of Bata India’s strategy to appeal to the youth segment and showcase its range of sneakers.

Below is a YouTube video of Bata’s 3D Billboard experience at Garuda Mall, Bangalore.

The 3D OOH billboard uses an anamorphic image content creation format, which creates an optical illusion that makes the content look like it’s popping out of the screen.

The campaign highlights the Sneaker Studios launched by Bata across 300+ stores in the country. These are dedicated sections within the stores that display a wide variety of sneakers from brands like Power, Hush Puppies, North Star, and Bata itself.

Here is how people reacted to Bata’s 3D Billboard Innovation; watch the YouTube video below:

The campaign was designed to catch the attention of the passers-by and create a buzz on social media.

Bata India has been integrating technology at every step of the consumer journey, such as 3D Holographic Unit, Lift & Learn Technology, Digital LED screens, and Bata Jukebox. These are aimed at enhancing the customer experience and engagement.

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