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Rafael Nadal’s 3D Billboard: A Smash Hit for Infosys & Tennis Fans

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, Times Square, New York



Infosys recently roped in Rafael Nadal to feature in their 3D Billboard Ad at Times Square, New York (West 47th and 7th Avenue, Times Square, Manhattan, New York City).

It was the perfect time, as Rafael Nadal didn’t play this year’s US Open, but he made his presence felt just a few miles away in this life-like 3D billboard.

Below is an embedded announcement by Rafael Nadal on Instagram. 

Crafted by AQKA Agency, which used a blend of conventional production techniques and proprietary AI facial image reconstruction to create this 3D Immersive Experience.

Infosys has been reimagining sports tech for over 8 years as the Digital Innovation Partner for the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, ATP Tour and ITHF.

Apart from Times Square, Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal’s 3D Billboard is expected to feature at Piccadilly Circus, JFK, LHR, and more locations.

The 3D experience shared by Nadal on his social media account seems to be a software-rendered version of the experience.

Although a few Instagram social influencers have captured the actual 3D Billboard experience. Watch it below:

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