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Alia Bhatt's Best Advertising Campaigns

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Alia Bhatt is not just a talented actress but also one of the most sought-after brand ambassadors in India. Her charm, relatability, and youthfulness make her the perfect face for a variety of products and services.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Alia Bhatt’s most recent and successful ad campaigns.

Alia Bhatt: Bollywood's Queen of Endorsements

  • Frooti (2024): Alia Bhatt brings her playful personality to life in Frooti’s summer campaign. The ad films are lighthearted and fun, perfectly capturing the essence of the popular mango drink.

  • Rungta Steel (2024): This campaign features a quirky celebrity mashup, with Alia Bhatt channeling her character Gangubai from the movie Gangubai Kathiawadi, alongside Shah Rukh Khan reprising his iconic role from Raees. The ad is a fun and unexpected take on brand promotion.

  • Flipkart (2024): Alia Bhatt celebrates the joy of new beginnings in Flipkart’s wedding campaign. The ad showcases the excitement and anticipation of starting a new chapter in life, perfectly aligning with the brand’s message.

  • mCaffeine (2024): Alia Bhatt promotes a healthy and active lifestyle in mCaffeine’s campaign. The ad highlights the brand’s natural and energizing coffee products.

  • MakeMyTrip (2024): Alia Bhatt inspires viewers to explore the world in MakeMyTrip’s travel campaign. The ad showcases the beauty of different destinations and the joy of discovering new cultures.


Here’s a list into some of her recent ad campaigns that she has featured in:

Beyond Brand Endorsements

In addition to these brand endorsements, Alia Bhatt has also made her mark as a successful entrepreneur. She launched her sustainable maternity and children’s clothing brand, Ed-a-Mamma, in 2022. This venture reflects her commitment to social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Alia Bhatt's Impact

Alia Bhatt’s influence extends far beyond the screen. She is a role model for young women in India and a powerful voice for social good. Her choice of brands reflects her values and resonates with her audience.

Social Media Buzz: Alia Bhatt’s Ad Campaigns Spark Conversation

Alia Bhatt’s influence isn’t limited to the silver screen; it translates powerfully to the digital world. Her ad campaigns consistently generate a buzz on social media platforms.

Her ability to connect with audiences and generate positive online conversations makes her a valuable brand ambassador.