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“MUMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” Zomato’s Hilarious Mother’s Day Tweet

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In a witty take on Mother’s Day greetings, Zomato India’s tweet captured the relatable struggle of finding the perfect social media post.

The tweet, written in Hindi, playfully captured the common struggle of finding the perfect social media greeting for mom.

It read “MUMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…. meri mother’s day tweet nahi mil rahiii!!!!!!” which translates to “Mooooooooooommmmmmm! I can’t find my Mother’s Day tweet!”

Social media platform Zomato India took a humorous approach to Mother’s Day this year, with a tweet that resonated with many.

This relatable and lighthearted approach struck a chord with Zomato’s Indian audience, garnering many likes and retweets. The tweet acknowledged the pressure of crafting the perfect online message, while also conveying the love and appreciation for mothers.

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