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Parle’s Hide & Seek Campaign Makes a Play for Young Hearts

start your story with hide and seek

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  • Campaign: Parle Platina “Start Your Story With Hide & Seek”
  • Brand: Parle Platina (premium biscuit line under Parle Products)
  • Product: Parle Hide & Seek Cookies
  • Target Audience: Young adults in India
  • Goal: Position Parle Platina as a catalyst for connection and positive social interactions
  • Agency: DDB Mudra

A Sweet Start to New Connections

In a recent campaign titled “Start Your Story With Hide & Seek,” Parle Platina aimed to leverage the popularity of their premium sweet cookie brand, Hide & Seek, to generate buzz and connect with a younger audience in India by positioning their cookies as a companion for initiating social interactions.

A Legacy of Sweetness

Parle Products, the company behind Parle Platina, has been a household name in India since 1929. Their Parle Hide & Seek cookies, launched in 1997, have become a beloved tea-time treat known for their rich cream and luscious chocolate coating.

Building on the Legacy

Building on this legacy, the “Start Your Story With Hide & Seek” campaign had two key goals:

Spark Connections:

As Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products, succinctly states, the campaign aspires to

Reinforce Brand Image

The campaign also seeks to solidify Parle Platina’s position in the premium cookie segment while highlighting the brand’s commitment to delivering a “great chocolate experience”

Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer at DDB Mudra Group, added

Reaching a Young Audience:

Utilizing a multi-media approach that includes television commercials (TVCs) featuring “three distinct ad-films” showcasing “first glance of attraction” scenarios, leveraging popular youth-oriented networks.

This campaign exemplifies Parle Platina’s attempt to evolve beyond just selling a product. They are aiming to connect with their audience on an emotional level.

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