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WeRoad Challenges Manchester: Can You Beat This Billboard Outdoors?

weroad billboard ad

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, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester



  • Campaign: WeRoad “Spend More Time Outdoors – Beat This Billboard”
  • Location: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, UK
  • Creative Agency: DUDE, London
  • Goal: Encourage people to spend more time outdoors

A Playful Billboard Challenge in Manchester – ‘Beat This Billboard’

WeRoad, a travel company that connects solo travelers for group adventures, recently launched an outdoor billboard campaign in Manchester, UK. This campaign, aimed to encourage people to get outside and experience the world around them.

The campaign utilized a giant billboard overlooking Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. The billboard itself displayed a tongue-in-cheek message stating “This ad may spend more time outdoors than you this year” along with a statistic claiming the average person spends only 10 days a year outdoors.

Playfully challenging viewers to “beat this billboard” which was guaranteed to be up for 14 days, the campaign aimed to spark a conversation about the importance of spending time in nature.

Developed by creative agency DUDE London, this campaign is a unique example of using out-of-home advertising to promote a message of outdoor exploration.

By using humor and a self-deprecating tone, WeRoad hoped to resonate with Manchester residents and inspire them to make the most of their time outside.

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