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Breaking the Silence on Fertility with Hertility’s Billboard Campaign

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, London

Hertility, a women’s health company, launched a bold and impactful billboard campaign which aims to demystify fertility and break the silence surrounding women’s reproductive health, particularly regarding hormones, egg quality, and age-related fertility decline.

Key aspects of the campaign

  • Locations: Over 350 billboards across London, reaching a wide audience
  • Target audience: Women of all ages, especially those concerned about their fertility
  • Overall tone: Empowering, destigmatizing, and encouraging women to take charge of their reproductive health

Impact and significance

  • Raised awareness: The campaign sparked conversations about fertility and women’s health, both online and offline.
  • Empowered women: The messages encouraged women to understand their bodies and make informed decisions about their reproductive future.
  • Challenged stereotypes: The campaign tackled misconceptions about fertility decline and highlighted the importance of early knowledge.
  • Advanced the “Reproductive Revolution”: Hertility’s campaign positioned itself as part of a larger movement advocating for women’s reproductive rights and access to information.

Overall, Hertility’s billboard campaign achieved its goals of raising awareness, destigmatizing fertility conversations, and empowering women to take charge of their reproductive health.

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