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Netflix Is A Joke Fest Soars with Drone Light Show: Taking Comedy to New Heights

netflix is a joke fest drone show

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, Los Angeles


  • Campaign: Netflix Is A Joke Fest 2024 Opening Drone Show
  • Goal: Generate excitement and promote festival attendance
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Technology: Drone light show

Netflix Is A Joke Fest 2024 kicked off its festivities with a visually stunning drone light show spectacular. This innovative campaign utilized hundreds of synchronized drones to create a dazzling display of light and animation across the night sky.

The drone show was a playful tribute to the world of comedy.  

The drone show featured quirky lines associated with comedians for the festival’s lineup of hilarious stars. 400+ Artists, 500+ Shows, 35+ Venues, 12 days of comedy, taking over LA.

The awe-inspiring visuals encouraged Los Angeles residents to capture the event on their phones and share it online. This organic social media buzz further amplified the campaign’s reach and fueled excitement for the upcoming comedy shows.

Another view of the Netflix drone show recorded by a random user.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and a touch of comedic flair, the Netflix Is A Joke Fest 2024 drone light show campaign effectively grabbed attention and set the stage for a laughter-filled festival.

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