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Cadbury’s Irresistible Giant Chocolate Billboard Ad Makes Everyone Drool

cadbury billboard dundas square toronto

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, Dundas Square, Toronto

Cadbury created a billboard ad that chocolate lovers would find hard to resist. Imagine walking past a billboard featuring an enormous chocolate bar, doesn’t that sound mouth-watering? Doesn’t that make you want to stop and purchase a chocolate on your way to home or work?

This is the reaction Cadbury desired when it conceptualised this OOH Billboard campaign.

In order to appeal to chocolate lovers and leave a lasting impression, Cadbury designed a massive billboard in Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada, with a giant Cadbury chocolate bar showcased on it.

The billboard, designed to show the irresistible appeal of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, as well as, its rich and creamy texture, is a clever way to showcase the product in use, rather than displaying an image of a chocolate bar.

The ad is also a way to differentiate itself from other chocolate brands and attract the attention of potential customers. An example of Cadbury’s creative and unconventional mediums to create impactful brand experiences.

The giant chocolate bar is one more example of the new era of billboards, where merely displaying an image won’t do.

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