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McDonald’s “Every Coffee is a Story” Valentine’s Day Campaign

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  • Campaign: McDonald’s “Every Coffee is a Story” Valentine’s Day Campaign
  • Target: Couples and individuals celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • Goal: Promote McDonald’s McCafé as a place to connect and share stories on Valentine’s Day

Brews & Bonding: Sharing Your Love Story Over McCafé

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, connection, and of course, sharing stories.

This year, McDonald’s McCafé brewed up a heartwarming campaign called “Every Coffee is a Story” that put the spotlight on the power of a shared cup of joe to spark romance and connection.

Starring Andy & Rhea: A Love Story Brewing

The ad campaign features Andy and Rhea, a charming couple depicted enjoying a McCafé on an unexpected coffee date. “After all, every coffee at McCafé is a story in the making, just like Andy and Rhea in the film,” says the brand.

This visual element added a touch of romance to the campaign, subtly suggesting that a chance encounter over coffee at McCafé could blossom into something special.

McDonald’s leveraged social media to further engage customers. They encouraged couples to share their coffee dates and stories using the hashtag #EveryCoffeeIsAStory.

This created a sense of community but also showcased the heartwarming connections brewed at McCafé.

More Than Just a Coffee Shop

By using Valentine’s Day as a springboard, McDonald’s McCafé successfully positioned itself as more than just a place to grab a quick cup of coffee.

The “Every Coffee is a Story” campaign highlights McCafé as a space for connection, conversation, and creating lasting memories – all at an affordable price point.

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