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Close Call ‘Saved By The Email’: Grammarly’s Hilarious Ad

grammarly saved by email campaign

Ad Campaign Details


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  • Campaign: Grammarly “Saved By The Email”
  • Product: Grammarly writing assistant
  • Target Audience: Professionals who rely on email communication
  • Goal: Highlight Grammarly’s AI ability to improve email writing efficiency

The Power of Polished Emails

The “Saved By The Email” campaign centers around showcasing how to work more efficiently with AI-powered Grammarly in a professional setting.

The ad features humorous scenarios where characters use AI powered Grammarly to AI writing to help you their point like

  • Write an email using AI to align on schedule avoid meeting
  • Summarise the plan using AI
  • Simplify using AI

By portraying these relatable situations, Grammarly aims to target professionals who rely heavily on email communication. The ad emphasizes how Grammarly can help users enhance their writing efficiency, ensure clarity and professionalism, and ultimately, avoid sending emails they might regret.

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