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Slice India’s “Ras aisa ki bas na chalega” campaign with Kiara Advani

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  • Campaign: Slice “Ras aisa ki bas na chalega” (“The taste that can’t be resisted”)
  • Brand Ambassador: Kiara Advani
  • Target Audience: Young adults in India
  • Goal: Position Slice as the ultimate mango indulgence beverage
  • Location: India (Nationwide)
  • Creative Agency: Knock Knock

The Refreshing Taste of Summer

In 2024, Slice launched a summer campaign titled “Ras aisa ki bas na chalega” featuring popular Bollywood actress Kiara Advani. This campaign aimed to reinforce Slice’s association with the irresistible taste of mangoes, a quintessential summer fruit in India.

The central theme of the campaign revolves around the idea of indulging in the pleasure of mangoes without any inhibitions.

The TV commercial showcases Kiara Advani getting captivated by the irresistible mango flavor of Slice, even while backstage preparing for a ramp walk. The ad concludes with her enjoying a chilled Slice, declaring “Ras aisa ki bas na chalega” (The taste that can’t be resisted).

This campaign utilizes Kiara Advani’s star power to connect with young Indian consumers. By portraying the refreshing and delightful taste of Slice, the ad campaign aims to position Slice as the go-to beverage to quench summer thirst and satisfy mango cravings.

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