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Quaker’s Fights Malnutrition with “Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati”

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  • Campaign: Quaker “Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati” (A Bowl of Nourishment for the Baby Shower) for “Bowl of Growth” initiative
  • Goal: Raise awareness about child malnutrition and promote healthy eating habits
  • Target Audience: Parents and caregivers of young children in rural India
  • Location: Pune, Maharashtra (pilot program)

A Touching Tale of Tradition and Nutrition

Quaker’s “Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati” campaign, launched to support their “Bowl of Growth” initiative, tackles childhood malnutrition in India. The centerpiece of the campaign is a heartfelt long-format ad film that uses a cultural touchstone to connect with its audience.

“Dohale Jevan” and a Brotherly Concern

The ad focuses on the traditional “Dohale Jevan” ceremony, a baby shower celebrated during pregnancy in some parts of India. The story revolves around a young boy who worries about his unborn sibling’s health due to his own experiences with malnutrition. He expresses his concern to his mother, highlighting the importance of good nutrition for his sibling’s growth.

Quaker: A Partner in Growth

This emotional narrative underscores the importance of proper nutrition for a child’s development. The ad subtly introduces Quaker’s “Bowl of Growth” program as a solution, suggesting it can provide the essential nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Beyond Awareness: A Multi-Pronged Approach

The “Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati” campaign goes beyond just raising awareness. Quaker’s “Bowl of Growth” initiative is a three-pronged approach that includes:

  1. Providing Nutritious Food: Supplying children aged 3 to 5 with Quaker products.
  2. Educating Caregivers: Equipping parents and caregivers with knowledge about child nutrition.
  3. Community Outreach: Spreading awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits within the community.

By combining an emotionally resonant ad campaign with a comprehensive on-the-ground program, Quaker’s “Dohale Jevan Poshanchi Vaati” strives to make a real difference in the fight against childhood malnutrition in India.

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