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Uncapping the Real Magic of Pujo: How Coca-Cola Celebrated Togetherness in Durga Puja

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As the vibrant tapestry of Durga Puja unfolded across India, Coca-Cola danced to the rhythm of the festivities with a heartwarming campaign titled “The Real Magic of Pujo.” Stepping beyond the fizzy beverage, Coke delved into the essence of the festival – the magic of shared meals, vibrant laughter, and unwavering bonds.

The campaign was launched in 2022.

This year’s campaign wasn’t just about quenching thirst; it was about igniting memories and weaving together a tapestry of shared experiences. Coke became the companion on every pandal hop, the icebreaker at every family gathering, and the secret ingredient in every celebratory feast.

Spice Up the Festivities: Every Pujo Feast Needs a Chilled Coke RealMagicOfPujo

The heart of the campaign was the captivating animated film, “Thala Hopping.” Through the eyes of a lively little character who comes to life on a table laden with delicious Pujo delicacies, the film showcased the true spirit of the festival. We witness the character hop from dish to dish, each mouthful sparking a memory, a connection, a story. It’s a journey of laughter, shared glances, and the warmth of togetherness, all perfectly captured through the lens of a single table brimming with life.

Commenting on the new campaign –

“Coca-Cola has always endeavoured to become a part of India’s cultural fabric. Our Durga Puja campaign is a passionate attempt to blend into the rich canvas of the ethnic traditions of Bengal. The heartening reception of our film has left us humbled and more committed than ever to continue celebrating and becoming an integral part of such diverse and vibrant cultural experiences.”

Arnab Roy, Vice President, Marketing Coca Cola India and South-West Asia

The campaign tagline, “Coke-er Shaathe Roj, Pujo’r Mahabhoj,” translates beautifully to “Pujo’s grand food/festivities along with a Coke,” perfectly encapsulating the brand’s role in amplifying the joy of celebration. The campaign resonated deeply with Bengali audiences, transcending the boundaries of traditional advertising and becoming a part of the Pujo narrative itself.

“The Real Magic of Pujo” wasn’t just about selling a beverage; it was about celebrating the spirit of community, the unbreakable bonds of family, and the sheer joy of shared experiences. Coca-Cola, through its storytelling and immersive activations, successfully wove itself into the very fabric of the festival, becoming more than just a drink – it became the taste of togetherness, the spark of joy, and the essence of Pujo itself.

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