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Rashmika Adds Golden Shine to Dabur Honey’s Pure as 24 Karat Gold A

dabur honey as pure as 24 karat gold ad

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  • Campaign: Dabur Honey “Dabur Honey is as Pure as 24 Karat Gold”
  • Brand Ambassador: Rashmika Mandanna
  • Target Audience: Youth in India, with a focus on South Indian markets
  • Goal: Promote Dabur Honey as a pure and healthy addition to one’s diet

In 2022, Dabur India tapped into the youth market by signing popular actress Rashmika Mandanna as their brand ambassador for Dabur Honey.

To celebrate this partnership, they launched a multi-media campaign titled “Dabur Honey is as Pure as 24 Karat Gold”.

The campaign aimed to position Dabur Honey as a symbol of purity and well-being, highlighting the natural goodness of honey. This campaign specifically targeted a younger demographic in India, with a focus on consolidating Dabur Honey’s presence in South Indian markets where Rashmika Mandanna enjoys immense popularity.

It featured Rashmika Mandanna in a series of commercials and promotional materials to emphasize the quality and health benefits of Dabur Honey. By associating their product with Rashmika Mandanna’s fresh and energetic image, Dabur aimed to connect with a health-conscious younger generation.

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