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Amul’s Cheesy CGI Ad-venture: Amul Now Available in the US!

amul cgi ad

Ad Campaign Details





  • Campaign: Amul “The Taste of India Arrives in the US”
  • Product: Amul Brand Products (specifically mentioned cheese in the ads)
  • Creative Execution: 3D/CGI animation
  • Target Audience: Indian Americans and South Asian Communities in the US
  • Goal: Announce Amul’s product availability in the US market and create a sense of nostalgia and comfort for the target audience.

Bringing a Taste of Home Across the Miles

Amul recently released a 3D/CGI animated advertisement campaign to announce the arrival of their milk products in the United States.

The ad campaign utilizes charming CGI (3D) animation that shares a cup of milk between Amul Girl and Statue of Liberty.

By using this approach, Amul aims to create an emotional connection and nostalgia with Indian Americans and position their products as a way to reconnect with a bit of home in the US. This campaign leverages 3D/CGI animation to create a visually appealing and engaging message for a specific cultural demographic.

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