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Kiara Advani’s #DulhanWaliFeeling: Where Modern Brides Define Their Fairytale

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Mohey isn’t simply selling bridal wear; they’re rewriting the script.

Forget damsels in distress and outdated expectations – this campaign celebrates the rise of the modern bride, a woman who owns her day and her lehenga.

And Kiara Advani, Mohey’s new brand ambassador, is the perfect queen for this revolution.

Mohey’s #DulhanWaliFeeling: Where Modern Brides Define Their Fairytale

Gone are the days of blushing brides relegated to the sidelines. Mohey’s campaign throws open the doors for women who own their day, their way.

Kiara’s infectious smile and expressive eyes bring the campaign to life. She effortlessly showcases the various emotions of a bride – from twirling in a beautifully embellished lehenga to sharing quiet moments with loved ones.

She rocks intricate lehengas with a confident strut, proves comfort and style can be lehenga besties, and lets the world know it’s her happily ever after, on her terms.

A Kaleidoscope of Kaviar: Lehenga Looks for Every Bride in You

Forget cookie-cutter bridal wear.

Mohey’s collection, like Kiara herself, is a vibrant tapestry of personalities. Traditional cuts get a modern twist, bold colors dance with delicate embroidery, and every lehenga whispers a unique story.

Whether you’re a minimalist bride dreaming of an understated elegance or a maximalist queen seeking a lehenga that announces your arrival, Mohey has a masterpiece waiting for you.

Capturing the Emotional Rollercoaster of the Bride

Kiara doesn’t shy away from the vulnerability – the nervous giggles exchanged with sisters, the quiet moments of reflection, the tears of joy that threaten to spill over. This campaign acknowledges the real, raw journey of a bride, making every woman watching feel seen and understood.

#DulhanWaliFeeling isn’t just about the shimmer and shine. It’s about the whirlwind of emotions that swirl within a bride-to-be.

Vedant Modi, Chief Revenue Officer at Vedant Fashions, says,

“Our association with Kiara Advani continues to blossom. She unveils the ultimate #DulhanWaliFeeling lehenga that embodies the spirit of a bride & exudes the charm a bridal lehenga holds in every woman’s life. We are proud to be associated with her and hope to take the legacy of the brand a notch higher with this campaign. The film celebrates love, tradition, and individuality, seamlessly intertwining confidence, independence, and joy—a radiant tribute to the values that Mohey cherishes.”

Kiara, the Bride Who Gets It

Kiara Advani herself adds,

“I am thrilled to unveil yet another exciting campaign with Mohey, the latest collection by the brand is truly a paradise for all brides to be. While donning the exquisite creations of Mohey, I feel a timeless connection to the artistry of love and celebration. Each silhouette tells a unique story, and I am honored to be part of the enchanting journey that every bride embarks on.”

The Impact: A Bridal Brand Redefining the Narrative

Mohey’s #DulhanWaliFeeling campaign isn’t just about selling lehengas; it’s about sparking a conversation. It’s challenging outdated notions of what a bride should be and replacing them with an image of a woman who is confident, empowered, and unapologetically herself.

By embracing diversity and celebrating individuality, Mohey has cemented its place as a brand that understands the modern bride and her aspirations.

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