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Bold Care’s Bold Campaign ft. Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins

bold care wellness campaign

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  • Campaign: Bold Care #TakeBoldCareOfHer
  • Goal: Normalize conversations around men’s sexual health in India
  • Stars: Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins (cameo)

A Bold Move for Men’s Health

Breaking taboos and sparking conversations around men’s sexual health is the aim of Bold Care’s “#TakeBoldCareOfHer” campaign.

This unconventional ad features Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh alongside adult film star Johnny Sins in a surprising cameo.

Taking Cues from Saas-Bahu Dramas

The ad itself is a hilarious parody of a classic Indian soap opera.

We see a dramatic scene unfold between a wife and her husband, with the wife expressing her dissatisfaction and hinting at problems in the bedroom. Ranveer Singh steps in as a voice of reason, urging his friend to “Take Bold Care” with Bold Care products.

A Wink and a Nudge with Johnny Sins

The unexpected twist comes with a cameo from Johnny Sins. Though not directly involved in the main scene, his presence serves as a humorous nudge towards the campaign’s message of addressing sexual health concerns.

Laughter to Break the Ice

By using humor and a touch of the unexpected, Bold Care’s campaign aims to make men feel comfortable discussing sexual health issues.

The ad’s success lies in its ability to break the ice with a lighthearted approach to a traditionally sensitive topic.

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