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VIP Bags & Vaani Kapoor Redefine Weddings in Pyaar Wahi, Soch Nayi

vip bags pyaar wahi, soch nai

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VIP Bags’ “Pyaar Wahi, Soch Nayi” campaign, featuring the elegant and ever-charming Vaani Kapoor, is more than just an advertisement for trendy luggage. It’s a bold statement about challenging societal norms and embracing the modern woman’s evolving journey.

Breaking Stereotypes with Style

The campaign departs from the usual wedding-themed travel bag ads. Instead of focusing on the bride’s journey to her in-laws’ house, it highlights her aspirations and dreams for the future. Vaani Kapoor personifies the young, discerning bride who prioritizes her individuality and desires to travel the world with her partner.

The Power of “Soch Nayi”

The tagline “Pyaar Wahi, Soch Nayi” beautifully encapsulates the campaign’s essence. It acknowledges the enduring power of love in marriage while emphasizing the need for progressive thinking. The ad film subtly critiques the unsolicited advice and societal pressures often heaped upon newlyweds, urging them to break free and forge their own path.

Vaani Kapoor: The Perfect Ambassador:

Choosing Vaani Kapoor as the brand ambassador was a strategic masterstroke. Her confident demeanor and modern grace resonate perfectly with the campaign’s target audience. She represents the new generation of Indian women who are redefining traditions and carving their own destinies.

“With the wedding season upon us, while touching upon the ceremonial aspects of the occasion, we at VIP Bags wanted to stand for something real and more meaningful with this campaign. The message in the TVC reverberates with the inner voice of every woman in the present-day empowered world. As a brand with great legacy, we’ve always been the first choice for travel bags over the years and with this messaging, it also showcases our progressive and forward-thinking. We roped in Vaani Kapoor for this campaign keeping in mind her ambitious & free-thinking youth appeal. She certainly resonates with the audiences with her natural charm and traditional, yet modern approach. We’re confident this campaign will touch the hearts of millions.”

Praful Gupta, Vice-President, Marketing, VIP Industries Limited

More Than Just Bags

VIP Bags’ “Pyaar Wahi, Soch Nayi” campaign transcends the realm of advertising. It sparks a conversation about gender roles and encourages societal introspection. By associating their brand with such a progressive message, VIP Bags positions itself as a champion for modern love and independent living.

A Lasting Impact

This campaign’s impact extends beyond the wedding season. It leaves a lasting impression on viewers, prompting them to challenge the status quo and embrace a more egalitarian future. With its refreshing take on love and marriage, “Pyaar Wahi, Soch Nayi” has set a new standard for wedding-themed advertising in India.


Production House: Zulu Films
Director: Puneet Prakash
DOP: Bijitesh De
Music Director: Anand Bajpai

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