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AirAsia India’s #JoinTheFamily campaign: A rewarding way to fly

air asia india - join the family campaign

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AirAsia India, the low-cost carrier owned by Tata Group and AirAsia Berhad, launched a new campaign to promote its rewards program, NeuPass, which offers a range of benefits to its members.

The campaign, titled #JoinTheFamily invites flyers to become ‘Aviators’ and enjoy exclusive discounts, priority services and assured NeuCoins that can be redeemed across the family of Tata brands partaking on the Tata Neu platform.

#Jointhefamily campaign details 

The campaign is based on the insight that being a part of a family is a rewarding experience. Tata Group holds some of the most trusted family of brands in India under its umbrella and people would want to be part of it. 

#Jointhefamily campaign features three films with quirky and heart-warming human stories that show how AirAsia India treats its customers like family members. 

Below are the three distinct feature films.

The films are accompanied by an integrated campaign across cinema, print, out-of-home, digital and social media platforms, showcasing the benefits of the NeuPass rewards program.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience of the campaign is the young and aspirational Indian traveller, who is looking for value, convenience, and personalisation in their travel experience. The campaign aims to attract and retain customers who are loyal to the AirAsia India brand, as well as to the Tata Group.

join the family campaign

The unique angle of the campaign

The unique angle of the campaign is that it positions AirAsia India as a family-oriented brand, rather than a transactional one. It highlights the emotional and relational aspects of flying, rather than the functional ones. It also leverages the trust and reputation of the Tata Group, which is known for its diverse and quality offerings.

What can other brands learn from AirAsia India?

Other brands can learn from AirAsia India’s campaign how to create a strong and distinctive brand identity, by focusing on the customer’s needs, wants, and feelings. 

They can also learn how to create a loyalty program that is not only rewarding but also relevant and engaging, by partnering with other brands that share the same values and vision. They can also learn how to use humour and storytelling to connect with the audience and convey the brand message in a memorable way.

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