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Zomato’s New Year Post: A Heartfelt Wink at Moderation

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Zomato’s New Year’s tweet on Twitter strikes a charmingly self-aware note. They wish their followers the best in 2024, even if it means them ordering in less. “May you achieve all your goals in 2024 even if it’s using our app a little less,” the tweet reads, followed by a warm “Happy New Year.”

This simple message carries a few layers of meaning:

  • Humor and Humility: It’s a funny, tongue-in-cheek way to acknowledge that while they love having customers order on their platform, they also recognize the importance of a balanced lifestyle in the new year.
  • Subtle Brand Building: By expressing genuine goodwill and understanding, Zomato subtly strengthens their connection with users. It shows they’re more than just a food delivery app – they care about their customers’ overall well-being.
  • Encouragement for Personal Growth: The message is ultimately one of aspiration. It encourages users to strive for their goals, whether those involve cooking more at home, spending more time with family, or pursuing other new endeavors.

In a nutshell, Zomato’s tweet is a clever and heartwarming way to celebrate the new year while also subtly positioning themselves as a brand that cares about more than just orders. It’s a win-win, leaving users feeling both amused and appreciated.

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