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Celebrate Makar Sankranti with IIHM: A Feast for the Senses & Soul

Indian institute of hotel management - makar sankranti post

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, Kolkata, West Bengal


Makar Sankranti is not just a celebration of the sun’s northward journey, it’s a time to give thanks for the fruits of our labor, to share blessings with loved ones, and to weave new threads of connection.

The Indian Institute of Hotel Management reminds us that good food is not merely sustenance, but a bridge between hearts, a language of love and appreciation spoken through generations.

  • The post is from the Indian Institute of Hotel Management and celebrates the harvest festival of Makar Sankranti.
  • The text on the image says “Participate in the festivities with good food,” which is a key message of the campaign.
  • Their Makar Sankranti social media post, a vibrant kaleidoscope of color and warmth, captures the essence of this joyous festival.

Company Director: Mr Subrata Kundu
Art Director: Mr Amalesh Das
Design: Ms Jayashree Mondal
Copywriter: Mr Sudip Dutta Gupta, Ms Sanjana Shaw

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