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Chipotle’s “Our Ingredients are Better” OOH Billboard Ad Campaign

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, Nashville, Tennessee


  • The article is about the popular billboard ad campaign by Chipotle Mexican Grill, a restaurant chain that offers fresh and natural ingredients.
  • A bold statement by Chipotle “Our ingredients are better”.
  • Simple, clever, and informative, yet humorous and memorable billboard communication.

Chipotle’s Commitment to Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients

Chipotle is a restaurant chain that believes in serving real food made with fresh and natural ingredients. They wanted to communicate this message to their customers and potential customers; in a simple, clear, and engaging way. That is why they created this billboard ad campaign that showcases Chipotle’s brand promise and personality.

The billboard design is very minimalist and elegant with a simple message written on it, “WE WANTED TO WRITE ABOUT OUR LOCALLY SOURCES NATURAL INGREDIENTS, BUT SHORT BILLBOARD HEADLINES ARE BETTER.”

The key parts of the message were bolded in black, while the secondary message was in grey.

The main message that Chipotle wanted to convey: “Our Ingredients are Better”. This is a powerful statement that encapsulates their value proposition and competitive advantage. It also challenges the viewers to compare them with other restaurant chains and see the difference for themselves.

The secondary message is a witty way of adding context to the main message. It also shows the brand’s personality and tone of voice: we are confident, playful, and honest. They tell it like it is; there’s no need to brag or exaggerate about their ingredients. Additionally, they keep the message concise and catchy out of consideration for viewers’ time and attention span.

The billboard’s design attracts the viewers’ attention with its contrast and simplicity. It intrigues the viewers with its hidden and revealed text. It makes the viewers smile with its clever and funny twist. It makes the viewers remember Chipotle with its strong and unique message. It also invites the viewers to visit their restaurants to learn more about their food.

This billboard ad campaign is part of a larger integrated marketing strategy that aims to differentiate them from other restaurant chains and position themselves, as the leader in the fresh and natural food category.

Chipotle believes its ingredients are better, and wants to share that with the world with this billboard ad campaign.

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