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Cadbury Celebrating 200 Years of Unwrapping Happiness

cadbury 200years

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This newspaper ad is simple, elegant, and effective. It focuses on the Cadbury brand’s most iconic element – its purple color – and its long history of bringing happiness to people.

The ad is also positive and forward-looking, celebrating the brand’s past while looking forward to the future.

This ad is more playful and creative, but it still conveys the same message of brand heritage.

Cadbury purple isn’t just a color; it’s a feeling. It’s the excitement of a child unwrapping a chocolate bar, the warmth of sharing a treat with loved ones, and the simple pleasure of enjoying a moment of pure bliss.

A short, evocative poem

Born in 1824, a splash of joy,
A whisper of promise, for girl and for boy.
Through decades it danced, in hues ever bold,
A beacon of comfort, a story untold.

From pockets of children to grandmothers’ shawls,
It painted smiles brighter, in grand village halls.
A solace in darkness, a friend in the sun,
Two centuries later, the journey’s begun.

For today, and tomorrow, and all that may be,
This purple embrace, forever we’ll see.
A legacy sweeter than words can express,
Two hundred years of Cadbury, and happiness.

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