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Pixel 8 Promotional Emailer from Google

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The emailer is a marketing strategy from Google to promote their Pixel devices, which are smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds.

Google is trying to convince users to buy their Pixel devices through offers, such as giving a free Pixel Buds Pro when purchasing a new Pixel 8, or a $200 discount on a Pixel Watch 2.

The emailer design uses a simple and clear design, with a white background, black text, and a header image of the Pixel devices. It also has a call to action button that reads “Shop Now”.

The communication in the emailer appeals to the users’ needs and desires, such as having a fast and reliable smartphone, a stylish and functional smartwatch, and a high-quality and comfortable wireless earbud. It also creates a sense of urgency by stating that the offer is valid for a limited time and only for select customers.

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